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This blog began in an attempt to provide resources and encouragement for homeschoolers. However, during this homeschool adventure, I've found it's also about life. Specifically about losing my own life, that I might find it in Jesus and thus discover the joy of REAL life. (Matthew 10:39)

In March, 2012, our family stepped out in faith again as we moved out to the country. The first step of faith was trusting the Lord to sell our other home before our emergency fund ran out. He is faithful, and though I was hoping this would happen sooner, He knows what we needed.

I just know that He is going to use these 5 acres and this old house to teach me even more lessons in abiding with Him...and I look forward to the Adventure!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lessons from a Pilot Car...

This morning I set off to get chicken food with my princess and warrior.  We're going out of town in a few days and the birds will need to stay inside while we're gone.  Stocking up on food was, therefore, necessary.  As if leaving home wasn't enough, the first meeting of our new home school group, HIS Learning Kids, is the day before we leave.  The night before we leave, our children will be presenting what they, and the rest of the children, learned during the Kids Worship Camp this summer at our "Friday night" congregation.  And tonight, they'll join me at dance practice to go over their "presentation" for Friday.  Then it's back home to our "Sunday church" Wednesday night activities, including handbell practice and setting up for Friday's classes.  Have I lost you yet? : ) 

As I thought of all of this, a song came on from the CD I was listening to (as my princess and warrior were doing their reading in the back seat) which says, "Lord, may I be still and quiet my soul as a weaned child from his mother."  As I wrote this all in my journal, I added the prayer: "Lord, I trust You to lead me beside quiet waters as I come to You for refreshment.  Help me to take it one step at a time as I look and plan for the days ahead."

Anyway, back to our morning.  I told my warrior and princess that they could have 10 minutes to play at the "playground" where we get our chicken food if they finished their reading before we got there.  It's about a 45 minute trip total and by this time there was about 30 minutes left.  They would get 15 minutes to play if they finished their math too, and 20 if they both had science done as well.  Shortly after I told them this, we were stopped to wait for a pilot car - construction.

As we waited, there was much interest from the back seat as to the status of the pilot car's arrival.  It came, we followed - driving in the left hand land - which was very odd!I kept fighting the urge to pull over into the right land, but I'm sure glad I didn't do that because a big truck soon came toward us in that right lane!  For a moment I thought about what it would be like to be in Europe and drive this way all the time!

We finally came to the end of the one lane traffic.  The pilot car pulled over, and we passed it and the other cars waiting for it.  There was a bright orange sign on top of the pilot car which read:  PILOT CAR FOLLOW ME.  I thought again how glad I was to have followed it in the land I was unaccustomed to using.  Then another thought came to me - Jesus said, "Follow Me" to His disciples. 

I didn't know the driver of that pilot car this morning, and that driver didn't know me.  But he or she had the job to lead me and others safely through that one lane area - and I (and others) trusted him or her to do that job well.

How much more ought I - and you - trust the One Who made me - and you?  He is not a stranger to me, nor am I to Him.

Signs on side streets commanded: WAIT FOR PILOT CAR.  This, too, is a reminder to wait on the One Who will lead us safely through one way traffic.  Indeed, there is only one way to navigate successfully through this life to the next.  Jesus says in John 14:6 (NIV84),

"I am the way and the truth and the life.  
No one comes to the Father except through Me."

I want Jesus to be the driver of the pilot car I'm following through life.  He loves me so much that He laid down His life for me.  So even when the road gets bumpy, and it seems like I'm on the wrong side of the road, I want to wait for His lead, trusting Him to guide me to where I'm headed safely - my eternal home.

What about you?  Who's driving the pilot car you're following down this road of life?  

If it's Jesus, I'm glad!  I pray that you'll be encouraged and strengthened when the road gets bumpy or it feels like you're on the wrong side of the road.  Cling closer to Him during those times!  Seek His face and find comfort in His Word.

If it's not Jesus, I humbly ask you to consider why it's not.  He truly is the best pilot car driver in all the world.  His Word stands firm and will never change, unlike the things of this world.  For while that road construction project will eventually end, it will also need to be repaired again some time in the future.  For pavement chips and breaks, but not so the Lord Who loves you so much that He died for you. 

You can't work your way into heaven.  It's only by the grace freely offered through Jesus the Messiah.  And in return, He only asks that you love Him with all your heart.  You can get to know Him by reading the Word He gave us.  His Holy Spirit will guide you.  All you have to do is ask...

(Yes, these last few paragraphs might seem "preachy" to some.  But this is truly the most important decision you can make in your life.  For who you follow now impacts not only your life here on this earth, but your eternal life.  Everyone has one, whether you follow the One Who made you or not.)

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